Columbus Children’s Theatre Made A Christmas Movie That You Can Stream And It Will Make You Smile

Behind the scenes of filming. Photo courtesy of Columbus Children's Theatre

💸 This post is sponsored by Columbus Children’s Theatre. But rest assured, all thoughts and opinions contained within are genuine and our own. 👍🏼

Columbus Children’s Theatre is bringing a very special Christmas show right into your living room.

Normally, kids from around Columbus gather together through Columbus Children’s Theatre to put on a holiday performance for live audiences. But due to COVID-19, CCT knew that a live show wouldn’t be possible and that they had to get creative.

That’s where Kelsey Hopkins, a Resident Artist at CCT, came in. Kelsey decided to write a script for a stage show based on the iconic poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas. With some help from the team at CCT, it was transformed into a movie script.

“It’s not your traditional Christmas movie,” Hopkins explained. “I made sure it was relevant to today and it touches on the struggles that some families might be dealing with this year.”

Behind the scenes of filming. Photo courtesy of Columbus Children’s Theatre

In order to film the movie safely, Hopkins looked at CDC guidelines for the film industry and studied what other productions were doing. They divided the characters into three groups which allowed them to minimize the number of people on set at any given point.

The actors all rehearsed together via zoom, but most of them had to act without having their fellow performers nearby. Although this is the first movie Columbus Children’s Theatre has made, the kids were eager to participate, especially in a year when other opportunities to perform have been canceled due to COVID. And this year might not be the last year for movie making at CCT.

“So many of our students rely on CCT to get their theater education,” said Hopkins. “A lot of our students were just extremely grateful for the opportunity to do anything. We’ve learned a lot from this film. It’s not easy creating a movie outside of a pandemic, let alone in one. I think we would do it again, learning what we did.”

The movie is available to stream for $10 through the Columbus Children’s Theatre website. You can also order unlimited streaming/DVD packages if you’d like to watch it more than once. If you have kids that like to watch things over and over, the unlimited stream may just be the way to go.

For more info, or to buy your streaming tickets, please click here.

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