12 Things You Can’t Miss Out On At The Columbus Asian Festival

The annual Columbus Asian Festival will take place this Memorial Day Weekend on May 27 and 28. It’s all going down at Franklin Park. The festival will take place from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Sunday.

The Asian Festival was created to educate people about and celebrate the many amazing countries of Asia. Over 20 different countries will be represented at the festival so be sure to immerse yourself in all their beautiful and unique cultures.

Asian Festival Gala


If you’re an Asian Fest sponsor, enjoy this beautiful gala inside of the Franklin Park Conservatory. Get dressed up, eat some delicious food, and snap a couple of pictures while you feel fancy.

The Food


It was really hard for me not to make all 12 things on this list eating the mouth-watering food at the Asian Festival. But then I remembered all the amazing things you can do there and it became much easier. Seriously though, go with an empty stomach so you can eat 10 egg rolls, pad thai, and tandoori chicken. No one will judge you.

The Games


Are you a ping pong master? Well, now’s your chance to show off your lightning reflexes and mad skills. If table tennis isn’t your scene you can spend some time playing card and board games. But I think the most exciting game to participate or watch will be Sepak-Takraw, aka kick volleyball.

Career Fair


Local area employers come to the festival each year to meet and recruit talent from attendees. Some of the companies include Nationwide Insurance, Cardinal Health, U.S. Bank, McDonald’s, State Farm, and many more.

Chrildren’s Area


The children’s area is going to have all sorts of things to do. Arts and crafts, games, and other activities like calligraphy and trying on traditional dress from different countries. Families with adopted children can celebrate their child’s native heratige.

Community Square


The Community Square is the perfect place to people watch. It’s got the hustle and bustle of the entire festival going through it.

Culture Exibits


Check out art exhibits, martial arts demostrations, and learn all about the cutlures and traditions of the participating countries. Visit nail art and henna booths to see the amazing artistic abilities of the people there.

Dragon Boat


The Dragon Boat is a boat from southern China and is over 60 feet long. Boat-rowers sit side by side as you race for 300 meters. Do you have what it takes to be among the 20 boat paddlers? If you’ve ever been on a boat rowing crew, now’s your chance to shine.

Health Pavilion


Learn about nutrition, meditation, yoga, and other ways to keep both your mind and body healthy. You can also get free screenings for Cholesterol, A1C Hemoglobin, Diabetes, Hepatitis B, Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular and Osteoporosis at the Health Pavilion. Informational packets about common health concerns are available in many in Asian languages.

Market Place


Just like a genuine marketplace, the Asian Fest marketplace is a bustling little area full of different treasures to buy. Find a new favorite piece of artwork, different gift items, gorgeous jewelry, cool toys, trendy clothes, pottery, snacks, spices and oh so much more.

Martial Arts


Martial Arts are a fantastic way to create a balance for both your mind and body. By training your body, emotions, spirit, and mind you can improve your health and fitness, skills of self-defense, spiritual growth, performing arts, and life skills. The Asian Festival will include many people showcasing these abilities through performance.



From the costumes and makeup to the traditional dances, the performances at the Asian Festival are always stunning. Professionals and amateurs will both take the stage to dazzle the audience with some pretty incredible skills.

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