Cold War Kids To Headline BrewDog’s Annual Festival

If you were searching for yet another great reason to become an Equity Punk with BrewDog, their annual festival will probably do the trick.

Equity Punks already get first tastes of beers, the opportunity to vote on designs and beer names, access to the private forum, and discounts at BrewDog worldwide. Now, they also get the chance to see an insane line up at the brewery’s annual festival, the Annual General Mayhem (aka AGM).

This year’s AGM will take place on August 25 and this year’s concert line up is absolutely wicked.

So how do you get all this going? Here are some instructions, directly from BrewDog.

    “Step One: Join our BrewDog family, and become an Equity Punk. Once you’re an Equity Punk, you’re always an Equity Punk.
    Step Two: Wait for your confirmation email with further instructions. Sit back, and crack open a brew.
    Step Three: Snag your AGM ticket, plus one for a friend!
    Step Four: MAYHEM. AUGUST 25TH. PUNKS. YOU.”

Are you ready, punks?

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