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The City Approves The Mayor’s $861.4 Million Budget

Ohio’s capital will be investing heavily in its own communities and promoting diversity.

Columbus City Council just approved a massive $861.4 million budget for the 2017 year. The bulk of that money funnels straight into Columbus neighborhoods, a project mayor Andrew Ginther has been impassioned about since taking office. In addition to funding neighborhood development, part of the budget will also go to the construction of a brand new fire station, making it the first new facility in 10 years.

Columbus Recreation and Parks will also be seeing a bump in resources. The Linden neighborhood itself will be getting a brand new community center totaling 7 million dollars. “We believe all of our residents deserve to live in neighborhoods that are diverse, safe, vibrant, and prosperous,” said the mayor in his 2017 budget proposal.


The budget also funds the addition of two new departments created by Mayor Ginther. The Department of Neighborhoods and The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will focus on community betterment and “creating a more diverse city workforce.” Both organizations reflect what the administration values as a priority for the city and what they see as best for Columbus’ continued growth. With the so much cash and resources being thrown at neighborhood communities, it’s exciting to imagine how our city might change in the coming year.

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