Before Columbus’ Mass Floyd Protests, There Was Christopher Radden

What happened to one of the first protesters after the killing of George Floyd showed exactly why he was protesting in the first place.

Before Congresswoman Beatty and City Council President Shannon Hardin were maced by the Columbus Police Department, there was Christopher Radden.

On May 27, angered by the graphic viral death of George Floyd, he decided to start his own protest on the east side of Columbus, before the massive protests that broke out in Columbus, days later. His protest at first was just himself holding a sign on the corner of Livingston and Lockbourne but quickly grew. His protest further galvanized other groups to start their own demonstrations, as well.

“I was only out there two hours, until [police] came and arrested me,” he said.

His subsequent arrest became part of the rallying cries and chants of protestors the week of 5/28 and onward.

Some say that his demonstration and subsequent arrest set off the initial protests in Columbus.

This is his story of Christopher Radden being moved by the death of George Floyd, his protest and subsequent arrest by the Columbus Police Department.

This story originally appeared on Matter News on September 9, 2020 with the headline Before Columbus’ mass Floyd protests, there was Christopher Radden.

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