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Chief Wahoo Is Dead

The Cleveland Indians did the humane thing today, finally putting Chief Wahoo to rest.

The mascot was first used in 1947, and the Indians were wearing the racist caricature when they last won the World Series (1948).

A bit racist.

Chief Wahoo has been de-emphasized in recent years, with the team dropping the logo from their spring training facilities in 2009 (when they moved to Goodyear, Arizona), and officially making Wahoo a secondary logo in 2016.

The designer of the mascot died in December of 2017, making it natural to wonder if that wasn’t what Indians ownership has been waiting for to make this move.

Cleveland is set to host the 2019 All Star Game, and it’ll be nice to be subjected to the same tired debate I have been hearing all my life.

This decision comes a couple of decades later than it probably should have, but better late than never.

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