Service Bar Chef Avishar Barua Has Teamed Up With Flying Horse Farms To Help Raise Money For The Camp

Chef Avishar's finished take of Flying Horse Farm camper Gia's favorite camp meal - macaroni and cheese with cornbread. Courtesy of Flying Horse Farms.

Flying Horse Farms is hosting a 10-week, 10-stop “camp”aign to help benefit the camp.

Flying Horse Farms is a medical specialty camp for kids with serious illnesses. To celebrate the 10th anniversary for this incredible place, the camp has teamed up with 10 local spots to run specials and promotions that directly benefit the camp.

Here in Columbus, the “camp”aign will kick off with a little help from local chef and Top Chef competitor, Avishar Barua. Chef Barua has created his own twist on one camper’s favorite dish: mac and cheese and cornbread.

The comfort food classic will be offered at Service Bar, where Barua is the Executive Chef, as the restaurant’s weekly takeout special. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the camp. Gia, the camper from Flying Horse Farms who chose the dish also contributed to the colorful appearance of the mac and cheese by choosing the noodles the chef used.

Service Bar Executive Chef Avishar Barua and Flying Horse camper Gia. Photo courtesy of Flying Horse Farm.

Flying Horse Farms is reopening its gates for onsite camp programming in early May after more than a year. Twelve Family Camp weekends are planned throughout the spring, summer, and fall to provide a safe space dedicated to helping families heal after a turbulent year of increased isolation and anxiety exacerbated by also having to manage a serious illness during a pandemic.

New safety protocols including onsite COVID-19 screening, universal mask wearing, increased physical distancing, and enhanced cleaning protocols will be used during these sessions to help ensure the safety of all camp attendees.

For more info about the camp and the fundraiser, you can visit their website here. To check out the weekly special from Service Bar, please click here.

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