Students Around Central Ohio Are Sharing Their Stories Of Racism And Discrimination On Instagram

There are a lot of things I admire about Gen Z.

I was born in the late 1980s and even though, as Millenials, we experienced some pretty intense things growing up, I personally feel like it hardly compares to what kids are dealing with today. From small changes like the prevalence of social media to huge differences like climate change and school shootings, Gen Z is being asked to deal with more and more on a daily basis, on top of the systemic injustices that have plagued our society for generations.

When it comes to fighting racism and discrimination, young people have implemented a variety of strategies. One thing they know how to harness the power of is social media. Across Central Ohio, Instagram accounts are popping up that are giving students a place to voice their experiences with racism and discrimination within their local school districts.

The submissions are anonymous and several larger districts have had accounts made, including Dublin, Hilliard, Worthington and Upper Arlington.

The stories submitted to the accounts range from racist microaggressions to outright discrimination against students. If you’ve been wondering what it’s like for the students of color around Columbus, here’s a chance to read about it in their own words.





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