CD 102.5 Fans Can Listen In, No Matter Where They Live

CD 102.5 has launched a live stream, giving fans the opportunity to listen to their favorite station, no matter where they are.

When I was living in Hawaii a few years ago, there were a couple of things about Columbus that I found myself missing. One of them was CD 102.5.

Well technically, it was still CD 101 but that makes me feel old. There were a lot of perks about living in Hawaii, but the radio there wasn’t exactly earth-shattering.

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This isn’t the first time CD 102.5 has had a streaming option. But the reason it didn’t stay up last time is that it’s expensive. In addition to the $200,000 CD 102.5 pays for on-air royalties, they have to pay more to stream those same songs.

So why is this time different? The cost of royalties has stabilized and changed, plus they found a sponsor.

The station won’t be streaming broadcasts of the Columbus Blue Jackets or The Columbus Crew SC, but they will have all of the music, DJs, and fun that you know and love.

Want to listen while you work? You can listen here.

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