Take A Trip To Mars At Columbus College Of Art & Design

Have you been dreaming of life on Mars lately?

You’re not alone. Between the Falcon Heavy launch earlier this month and my ever-present obsession with the red planet, I’ve been craving some more Mars content in my life. To say I was excited when I found out that Columbus College of Art & Design was hosting their own exhibit on the fourth rock from the Sun would be an understatement.

The exhibition is called The Planet Next Door and it features the work of CCAD’s Industrial Design Class of 2019. The goal of the project was simple: Inspire a younger generation to pursue careers in space exploration, specifically, travel to Mars.

The exhibit is currently open in Byers Gallery, where the students used their unique skills to show life as we know it on earth juxtaposed against the potential of living on Mars.

There is a wonderful technical element to this whole show and it comes in the form of virtual reality. Students Jonathan Hockaday, Billy Yochus, and Matt Rambo designed the virtual reality section, which shows both an Earth side and a Mars side.

The Planet Next Door is free to visit and open to the public. It will run until March 4 inside the Byers Gallery at 390 E Broad Street. For more information, please click here. To see more photos of the exhibition, keep on scrolling!

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