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Call of Duty Pro League Championship Comes To Columbus

Watch 16 teams compete for $1,400,000 in total prize money and the right to be named Call of Duty world champions.

April 20 will kick off stage 1 of the event, with teams separated into blocks of four designated by color; red, blue, yellow, and green. Once the first rounds of elimination have been completed, the playoff round will be underway from May 26-28.

The Competition will take place at the MLG Columbus Studio, 2188 Citygate Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43219. It also happens to be Major League Gaming’s first competition space outside its New York headquarters.

To see the best Call of Duty players in the world go at it in a grenade tossing, bullet flying, melee, make sure to purchase tickets here or watch all the action live on or in-game on Playstation 4.

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