Put Away Your Cowboy Boots. Buckeye Country Superfest Is On Hiatus

Bad news, country superfans! The Buckeye Country Superfest will be on hiatus this year.

The festival wants to avoid hosting the same acts over and over, so they’re taking a break this year. Superfest will likely return in 2019.

“There are only so many headliners that can fill a stadium,” Gary O’Brien, director of communications and program development at the Columbus Arena Sports & Entertainment company, told The Dispatch. “We’re going to give it a year off so we don’t start repeating so quickly.”

Since the festival started in 2015, it’s brought over 200,000 country music fans to Ohio Stadium, and avoided repeating headliners too often, with the exception of Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban.

“[Time off] will be a good thing,” O’Brien told The Lantern. “We don’t want people to be tired of it.”

Selling out a stadium as massive and iconic as The Shoe isn’t an easy feat. In order to book top artists, having an occasional hiatus could help boost interest from fans and performers alike.

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