Smooth Sailing Down East Broad Street Starts At The End Of The Week

It’s been over a year since the construction on East Broad Street through Bexley began, but the chaos will be over any day now.

In a Bexley City Council Meeting on Tuesday, June 13, Bill Dorman, the city service director, told the council that the crews would begin placing the final course of asphalt on Monday. The Bexley City Service Department aims to have the project done by the end of the week.

They’re so close to being done with Phase II of the city’s Broad Street Reconstruction Project. The improvements include new curbs and gutters, asphalt resurfacing, landscaped medians and aesthetic improvements like standardized signage and lighting.

The Broad Street Reconstruction is the City of Bexley’s go at a road diet. Road diet construction projects are a transportation planning technique used to make traveling down the road safer. Road diets are created by the number of lanes on a road being adjusted, existing lanes being widened, medians getting added, and other similar adjustments. These simple changes result in less speeding, less distracted driving, reduced crash rates, and a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Big cities like San Francisco, San Jose, and Tampa have all seen great success in road diet projects. Bexley might be just a bit smaller than these places, but it doesn’t mean the road diet is going to help any less.

Much like the Broad Street Reconstruction, the 2013 Main Street Streetscape Project beautified the stretch of the street that goes right through Bexley. East Broad Street is sure to have similar success, but the project did cause a fair share of woes during the process.

Nobody likes constantly weaving in-and-out of traffic barrels. Thank goodness driving down Broad Street will be a little easier now that it’s nearly done. Just have patience while they add the finishing touches.


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