Beer-Inspired Curling Coming To Land-Grant This Winter

I think we can all agree that beer makes the winter weather a little more tolerable.

Land-Grant has loads of winter fun planned at their Franklinton beer garden this winter, including Brewery Curling.

The ice rink is a new addition to the beer garden this year and it will be the perfect place to enjoy a little outdoor fun with friends this holiday season. Instead of using traditional curling pucks, players will be sliding miniature beer kegs across the ice.

The rink was supposed to open this week, but since the weather’s been a little warmer than expected, the grand opening has been delayed until December 20.

Rinks will be available by reservation, which costs $50 for a 90-minute session. An igloo to enjoy a few beverages in is also included in that fee.

While it’s all fun and games, there are some rules you’ll need to follow in order to participate in Brewery Curling.

All participants are required to sign a waiver prior to playing. The ice is for the kegs, not for players, so if you can’t reach the keg, just let a staff member know and they’ll get it for you. In the spirit of fun and games, remain respectful of the neighboring curling lanes.

If you’re wondering how you win, here’s the breakdown. The team that has the highest number of accumulated points at the completion of ten ends is the winner. and “end” is when each team has thrown all of their kegs and the score has been decided.

To learn more about how points are awarded, or to book your reservation, you can visit the Land-Grant website.

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