BrewDog Worth $1.24 Billion After Investment

BrewDog is making some big changes. The Scotland-based craft brewer announced that TSG Consumer Partners has acquired 23% of the company, in a $264 million deal. $124 million of that will be directed towards expanding BrewDog. All of this has the company now valued at $1.24 billion. On March 29, BrewDog held a meeting for their Equity Punks, giving them all of the details of the potential investment. 95% of the equity punks voted in favor of the transaction.

“We are growing mega fast at the moment. We recently shared our ambitious 5-year plan with our Equity Punk shareholders, which included adding more capacity in Ellon and Columbus as well as building new breweries in Asia and Australia,” explained James Watt, co-founder at BrewDog.

“All of these projects are immediate opportunities and they all link completely back into our core mission of making other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. This deal will enable us to take our business, and our community’s investment in BrewDog, to the next level,” he continued.

TSG Consumer Partners is no stranger to big brands. They’ve invested in some of the most well-known products in the world, including vitaminwater, thinkThin, and popchips.

“BrewDog is an ideal fit for TSG’s mission, which is to partner with visionary founders building next generation consumer brands,” said Blythe Jack, Managing Director at TSG Consumer Partners. “The company is truly a pioneer and leader in the rapidly emerging international craft beer market. We look forward to working with BrewDog and its founders as it continues to innovate, expand and harness a unique rebellious energy.”

For a brewery that has crowdfunded their way to the top over the last 10 years, a big investment like this can be scary. But Watt assures fans and punks alike that BrewDog will keep the same spirit and ingenuity it’s always had.

“Our new partnership with TSG is a launch pad for us to turbocharge our mission to make the world as passionate about craft beer as we are, but it’s also a validation of our crowdfunding model. Our Equity Punks now own part of an independent business that has attracted an awesome partner who will help grow their investment even further. Crowdfunding can no longer be viewed as alternative finance; this is the democratization of finance,” explained Watt.

Here's to 10 years on Planet BrewDog! Catch the full video over on our blog.

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“Ever since we first started this journey in Martin’s mom’s garage, BrewDog has existed to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are,” continued Watt. “We remain more laser focused on that goal than ever before. Martin and I still remain controlling shareholders and fully committed to BrewDog, and this investment will allow us to accelerate our mission. We’re not going to let the deal go to our heads, but Martin did buy himself a new sweater.”

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