BrewDog Offering ‘TV To Take The Edge Off’ With New Streaming Service

Have you ever found yourself longing for a whole tv station dedicated to beer?

Well, you’re not alone and you’re in luck. BrewDog, continuing what I can only assume is their path to global domination, has launched their own subscription video service.

For $4.99/month, beer lovers can enjoy hundreds of hours of fresh content, including shows about beer, food, travel, and entertainment. New content will be added weekly and a new series will premiere on the network every quarter.

Of course, it wouldn’t be BrewDog if it wasn’t a little cheeky.

“The parody porn site, BeerPorn, provides a sneak peek into the stimulating content subscribers can expect to enjoy, and demonstrates the network’s desire to offer the most compelling content on the web,” reads a statement on BrewDog’s website.

“The BrewDog Network is the new king of content. Craft beer is our passion – it’s always been what turns us on. And with the launch of the new network we no longer have to keep it as our dirty little secret,” said co-founder James Watt. “Porn may be the most popular content on the web today – but we’re about to change that. Our awesome shows span beer and spirits, food and travel, and everything in between, to deliver maximum viewing pleasure.

This is a new type of business. A new type of show business. This is BeerPorn.”

So what kind of content can subscribers expect? The BrewDog cofounders will premiere “The BrewDog Show,” a new brewing travelogue that will likely be a big hit with fans of their previous hit series, “Brew Dogs”.

13 other original series will also make their debut, including Zane Lamprey’s “Four Sheets”

Accompanied by 13 other original series including Zane Lamprey’s comedic highlight reel ‘Four Sheets,’ and comedy game show ‘Are You Smarter than a Drunk Person?’ hosted by Parks & Recreation’s, Alison Becker.

‘Are You Smarter than a Drunk Person;, hosted by Allison Becker

“After our previous TV show, ‘Brew Dogs’ got cancelled, we didn’t want to sit around in our underpants, crying into a tub of ice-cream,” said Watt. Naturally, the only solution for these guys was building their own TV network.

“Just as Netflix has pioneered mainstream streaming services, The BrewDog Network will be the first globally-recognized, passion-focused platform,” said Watt. “We believe craft beer can be the inspiration for the most popular content on the internet – maybe even more popular than videos of cats falling off walls or celebrity sex tapes.”

For more info about The BrewDog Network, please click here.

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