BrewDog Raises $7 Million During Crowd Funding Campaign

Nobody does crowd funding quite like BrewDog. Their Equity for Punks program has officially closed, and they’ve raised millions.

BrewDog first introduced Equity for Punks in 2009. Thousands of fans of the Scottish brewers invested their money to become shareholders, beginning the funding project. Since then, they’ve had five successful crowdfunding campaigns.

This latest round of crowdfunding raised more than $7 million dollars. In July, the last month before Equity for Punks closed, over 2,000 new Equity Punks joined the company. According to BrewDog, they raised more than half a million dollars in one day in July.

“Our shareholders are the beating heart of our business; along with our fanatical devotion to the hop, they are the reason we do what we do every single day, and the reason we strive to produce amazing beer with a soul and a purpose. We couldn’t be happier that we’ve managed to welcome almost 9,000 new US shareholders to our madcap global family,” said the company in an update on their website.

“It’s been humbling to see the amount of people in the USA who support us and support our mission to make great beer, and to make other people as passionate about it as we are.”

With more than 55,000 Equity Punks, BrewDog has raised over $40.88 million through the program.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit BrewDog yet, the perfect opportunity is coming up. On Sunday, August 27, the brewery will be hosting BrewDog USA Open Day 2017. The event is free, but VIP tickets are available for $7.87.

Guests of all ages are welcome, but BrewDog asks that guests attending the event bring a valid id.

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