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Bonchon In Clintonville Has Closed And Now All Joy Has Left Us Forever

The Korean chicken eatery, loved by many in the Capital City, has closed its doors for the last time.

Welp, we really did it this time Columbus. Bonchon, everyone’s favorite Korean inspired fried chicken restaurant, has closed their doors to their Clintonville location. I didn’t want to believe it but a quick Google search revealed that the chicken bistro is now listed as “permanently closed”.

The Clintonville location was the last left in Columbus so alas, all that Korean crunchy goodness will forever be lost to us. I had previously listed Bonchon on a list of the best fried chicken places you’ve probably never tried, so if you never made it in since then, you’re pretty much out of luck forever.

The exact reason for the store closing isn’t entirely clear. Many are speculating that the location has been sold off to an unknown buyer while others worry that they may have suffered the same food safety problems that plagued the Dublin-Granville location before it closed. Whatever the reason, the city now has to live with a drumstick shaped void in its heart where once there were bowls brimming with Korean fried chicken and kimchi. Or, you know, maybe that’s just me.

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