Did The Blue Danube Close Down Early Because Of An ICE Raid?

The Blue Danube has closed their doors earlier than expected.

From the announcement on their Facebook page:

“A huge thank you to the community for being so supportive through these final days! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing your stories and sharing our own with you. Our goal to remain open until June 17th, however, is not going to be manageable. Due to some extreme, and very unfortunate, circumstances beyond our control, our staff was cut to a number that will be unable to manage operations any further. We wish it could be different. Yesterday at 3 pm, we closed the kitchen and we don’t look to reopen for regular operations in the future.”

What extreme circumstances would cause staff numbers to dwindle?

A Reddit user says an ICE raid is to blame:

The Blue Danube closes down early after a rumored ICE raid reduces their kitchen staff from r/Columbus

The user goes on to say they heard this from a Danube regular:

Take with an appropriately sized grain of salt, of course. Whatever the reason, we’ll all now have to move forward in a world with no Blue Danube.

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