via Troy D. Markham, Bexley City Council Facebook

Bexley’s Street Lamps To Be Powered By Renewable Energy


Bexley City Councilman Troy D. Markham announced on his facebook yesterday that, as of March 1st, the City of Bexley will have switched all of its street lights to wind-generated energy. “Not only is the energy source renewable and non-polluting,” Says Markham, “but the rate negotiated with AEP will actually save the city money over the previous cost.”

This project comes just days after it was announced that Columbus would be altering the lights at the corner of Main Street and Alum Creek Drive. The safety enhancements will allow for a left turn only light, an attempt to reduce the likelihood of collisions. (We’ve seen some angry chatter from locals on Facebook over this decision, so time will tell.)


Markham was elected in 2015 to Bexley City Council. Outside of his duties as a member of public office, he is also a college science instructor at Ohio State University and Otterbein University, having published several textbooks and educational materials.

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