Bexley public library sign

Screw Algorithms: Bexley Librarians Are Ready To Curate Your Reading List

It’s a first world problem to be sure, but the struggle of finding something new to read is real.

Amazon’s recommendations are terrible (buy a photography book, and prepare to receive photography recommendations for the next six months) and GoodReads can be helpful, but still doesn’t approach the near perfection of, say, Netflix’s “Watch Next” suggestions.

Enter the real life, human librarian. Bexley Public Library is now offering “Personalized Picks”:

You don’t need to be a resident of Bexley to take advantage: any resident of Ohio is eligible for a Bexley library card.

Of course, in some ways this is nothing new. Librarians have always been happy to suggest books based on other books you’ve enjoyed, but this has some futuristic web based automated touches – just check out the slick questionnaire:

Bexley book suggestion questionnaire

The survey goes on to ask you to pick which covers appeal to you out of a group of 12, and also allows you to mark genres you absolutely don’t want to receive.

Then, within five business days, you receive three books to be picked up from the library at your convenience.

Basically, librarian magic. Give it a shot at this link.

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