The Best Brussels Sprouts In Columbus And Where To Find Them

Brussels sprouts have hit gourmet status in Columbus.

No longer just a vegetable, countless restaurants have added the mini cabbage to their menus, frying them and dressing them up with bacon, cheese, mustard, and mint.

Here’s a breakdown of the top local restaurants for sprouts. Please note that due to COVID-19, some restaurants have new safety restrictions and different hours. For the most up to date information, please visit each restaurant’s website.

Forno | Short North

These brussels stand apart from the rest as one of the only non-fried versions. They are roasted with butter then cooked down in an incredible broth/stock. Not the typical crispy variety. Quarter cut. Extra good with some sprinkled parmesan cheese.

Arch City | Short North

These are super crispy and extra flavorful. Served in a hot cast iron skillet, halved, fried, and served with truffle salt. REALLY yummy and good with anything, anytime.

Hubbard Grill | Short North

These are the signature Columbus brussels (IMO). They sit at the top of the menu and are what I order every time I come to Hubbard. Super crispy in a red wine reduction that coats every nook and cranny, almost like they were soaked. Surprisingly juicy! Huge half-cut Brussels. Nom nom nom.

Harvest Pizzeria | Various locations

Prepared as comfort food, these brussels are presented in a piping hot iron skillet, thinly sliced, with lots of cheese and a dusting of bread crumbs. Full brussel sprout flavor and charred bits make these super delicious.

Watershed Distillery | Grandview

Unique, just like everything at Watershed. Served with black pepper, honey, lemon, and mint (yes, mint!) Super saucy and crispy. Quarter cut. Sometimes I order two sides… no judgment!

P.S. Watershed’s Kitchen is currently closed. Keep checking their website for more information about when they’ll be reopening.

The Avenue Steak Tavern | Grandview

Cooked up with onions and bacon, these brussels are super savory. caramelized to perfection. Made specifically for pairing with steak, but I’d eat them anytime.

Get out there and flex your brussels, Columbus!


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