Bake Me Happy, A Gluten Free Bakery In Merion Village, Had To Close Sunday Due To Racist Threats

Bake Me Happy, a charming, delicious bakery in Merion Village, had to close its doors on Sunday due to racist threats.

It was business as usual at the bakery on Sunday morning, but that all changed after a series of phone calls.

Bake Me Happy’s co-owner Letha Pugh told Columbus Business First that the same person called multiple times, making “violent, racially motivated” threats against the bakery.

Pugh, who is black, owns the bakery with her wife Wendy. They opened Bake Me Happy back in 2014 and although their menu is gluten-free, it attracts customers without dietary restrictions as well.

Since they’ve opened, they had never received and racial threats. They decided to close their Merion Village location for the day to give staff a chance to regroup and feel safe. They also reached out to Columbus Police and the City of Columbus as well.

“This is the first time we have ever had anyone call the bakery and make threats like this,” Pugh told The Columbus Dispatch. “We decided to err on the side of caution and shut our doors just to make sure everyone here is safe.”

Although they had to close, the bakery still paid the staff for their missed shifts. As customers heard of the news, people were looking for ways to support the bakery. In addition to purchasing gift cards, ordering from their North Market Dublin location, and making donations directly to employees, neighbors and customers also showered the bakery with love.

Merion Village Association shared photos of love notes left on the doors of the bakery by members of the community, aiming to show the bakery just how much support they have.

If you’d like to support the employees directly, you can tip them via their money app information below. If you’d like to order some delicious treats or purchase a gift card, you can visit the Bake Me Happy website.

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