The Arena Football League Is Coming Back To Columbus

Listen up, football fans.

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The Arena Football League is all set to announce their sixth team, and according to multiple sources, the team will be right here in Columbus.

If you’re having a sense of deja vu, it’s probably because Columbus already had an AFL team, The Destroyers, from 1999-2004.

The AFL has seen its league membership fluctuate since it began in 1986, operating with as few as 4 teams and reaching its peak of 19 teams in 2007.

With Columbus joining the ranks, the league will have 6 teams, including Albany, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and Atlantic City.

While some were wondering whether or not the team would return as The Destroyers or have a new name, the league has officially trademarked the team name, as of January 4, 2019.

via United State Patent & Trademark Office

“This is a banner day for the Arena Football League, with the return of one of the League’s most attractive markets that has proven to be comprised of loyal fans,” said Ron Jaworski, the AFL chairman of the executive committee. “We are going to deliver an AFL team that will immediately excite and draw in the people of Columbus.”

Welcome back, Destroyers!