Are You As Smart As The 2017 OSU Freshman Class?

I graduated high school over 10 years ago. I never applied to the Ohio State University, but until yesterday, I firmly believed that I had what it took to apply there. But I may have been wrong.

According to a recent report from OSU, enrollment is up. It’s also more diverse than ever. But there is one statistic that jumped out at me: The average ACT score for the incoming freshmen class is a 29.2.

Time reported the national average of the Class of 2016 as 20.8. The freshman class isn’t just good at taking tests. 65% of incoming students were in the top 10% of their high school class and 95% of them were in the top 25%.

OSU just isn’t a backup, state school anymore. It is a legitimately competitive university, with the brains to prove it.

So how does this effect applicants?

The application process for Ohio State is moderately competitive. The university has a 49% acceptance rate, which means that less than half of the students that apply are accepted.

According to the university’s admissions website, there is a lot of students can do to set themselves apart. But who are they looking for?

“We definitely seek individuals whose application proves to us that they are prepared for the academic rigor of the Ohio State classroom. But that’s not all we’re looking for,” reads the Admissions page.

“We’re looking for people who show evidence that they are not only smart but willing to lead; who see strength in diversity of people and ideas; who seek collaboration when solving problems; and who make use of all opportunities to figure out what kind of impact they want to have in the world.”

There are 10 criteria that are reviewed when a student applies.

    1.) Successful completion of Ohio State’s minimum college prep requirements

    2.) High school performance (class rank or GPA), including participation in accelerated programs like Honors, AP and IB; Ohio State does not have minimum requirements for class rank or GPA

    3.) Standardized test score (ACT or SAT); Ohio State does not have minimum requirements for ACT or SAT scores

    4.) Ability and desire to contribute to and engage with a diverse campus community

    5.) Experiences that demonstrate leadership or engaged involvement (e.g., co-curricular activities, work experiences or military service)

    6.) Status as a first-generation college student

    7.) Demonstration of outstanding talent in a particular area

    8.) Academic competitiveness of the high school, understanding that different high schools provide different levels of opportunity

    9.) High school performance if adversely affected by physical, mental or learning environment factors

    10.) Eligibility for and likelihood of benefiting from organized support services at Ohio State

Some thought that maybe the ACT has just gotten easier over the years.

But everyone acknowledges that the requirements are a little tighter.

What do you think Buckeye Alumni? With an average ACT score of 29.2, and 95% being in the Top 25% of their graduating class, could you still get into OSU?


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