21 Things That Make You Question Whether Or Not You’re Really A Columbus Millennial

If there’s one thing I have trouble identifying as, it’s being a millennial.

Although I fall in the official millennial age bracket, aka those born between 1982-2000, I have a hard time seeing myself in the millennial stereotypes we’ve all grown accustomed to. I remember life before the internet and even though I definitely had access to it growing up, I’m still not that great with technology.

I don’t get TikTok and I’m fairly certain that’s not even the “coolest” social media app out there anymore. I know I can’t be the only one in this city thinking, “I’m not really a millennial, right?”

I was born in 1988 and I have a really hard time relating to people born in a year I remember as clearly as I remember 2000. So if you’re like me and you’re stuck somewhere between Gen X and Millennial, you’ll probably really relate to some of these.


1.) You remember the old COSI. Or as you like to call it, the best COSI. Okay, fine. The new one is cool. But the old one had that that Coal Mine exhibit and you definitely thought the elevator was actually going down.

2.) You genuinely believe every restaurant in Columbus is too loud.

3.) You have had more fun at wedding receptions than you had at clubs on Park Street.

4.) You spent a lot of time at Skate America is a kid.

5.) You go to Hangover Easy for the nostalgia, not because you’re actually hungover. Okay, sometimes you’re hungover, but mostly it’s the nostalgia.

6.) When you picture the Short North, it looks nothing like what it looks like now.

7.) You remember when City Center was a mall and not a park surrounded by apartments.

8.) You’re not sure if Olde Towne East is really up-and-coming, because they’ve been saying that since you were in high school.

9.) You remember when Nina West was new on the drag scene.

10.) You’ve been to at least one wedding in a building that used to be a club you went to in college.

11.) You remember when you actually could get anywhere in the city in 15 minutes.

12.) While the younger Millennials were in elementary school, you were going to Ladies ’80s at Skully’s Music Diner.

13.) You went to Wyandotte Lake every summer, even if it was just to get in the wave pool.

14.) Thinking about the Santa Maria sitting in a field off Route 23 makes you genuinely sad.

15.) You remember when the first Chipotle in Columbus opened and you told literally everyone about how great it was.

16.) You say you grew up in Columbus, but really it was a suburb of Columbus because no one actually lived downtown when you were a kid.

17.) You vividly remember the nightmare of getting to the airport before I-670 was completed.

18.) You went to Spaghetti Warehouse for every special occasion and you were super excited if you got to sit in the Trolley Booth.

19.) You remember a time when Campus did not look like a mall.

20.) You went to at least one “fancy dinner” at The Clarmont.

21.) You’re glad that there’s so much more to do in Columbus than when you were younger, but that doesn’t stop you from staying home, ordering some Donatos, and re-watching Dawson’s Creek.

You’re not alone. Feel better?


Originally published 2/6/19. Updated 3/30/20.

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