Columbus Has Bad Drivers, Allstate Says So

There are a lot of things Columbus is good at. Football. Food. Beer. But according to Allstate Insurance, driving isn’t one of them.


Allstate used a variety of measurements to calculate their rankings, including the years between claims from both city and suburban data and “Drivewise hardbraking events per 1,000 miles”. This year, Columbus ranked 128th in the nation, the second worst city for safe driving in Ohio. In 2016, Columbus was ranked 121st.


Other Ohio cities included in the results are:

  • Dayton: 39th
  • Akron: 40th
  • Toledo: 69th
  • Cleveland: 87th
  • Cincinnati: 164th
  • Out of the three largest cities, Cleveland ranked the highest in the state when it comes to driving in the “Rain & Snow” category, at 81st in the country. Columbus apparently drives better in inclement weather than we do overall, because we jumped up to 118th in that category. Cincinnati is the worst at all things driving apparently, coming in at 165th.

    The best city in the country for safe driving was Kansas City, Kansas while Boston, Massachusetts came in last place out of 200.

    To see the Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report 2017, please visit their website.

    Maybe with some hard work and safe driving, we can beat Cleveland next year.

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