Alchemy’s New Meal Prep Service Will Change The Way You Think About Lunch

This article was originally published by Columbus Yoga Festival, see more here.

Eating well is a goal for most people I know, but when it comes down to it cooking for ourselves easily falls off the list of things to do! Luckily, we have found the answer.

Columbus’s own Alchemy is bringing the third installment and spin on their brand: Alchemy Meal Prep. Launching in early 2020, Alchemy Meal Prep wants to solve all your problems when it comes to nourishing your body and enjoying the experience.

I was able to try a few of their newly released meals and I’m here to dish out all the details. Alchemy Meal Prep bills themselves as more than *just* a meal service company and I would say they deliver. Alchemy has been an innovator in the Columbus wellness space since opening its first location in 2014. Their food is so delicious, you wouldn’t think twice that a dietitian thoughtfully developed it to also be good for you.

Just like their brick and mortars, Alchemy Meal Prep’s food is developed by the trifecta that sets them apart: Dietitians, Slow Food Advocates and Talented Chefs. Boom! Tasty good for you locally sourced food, now prepacked and portioned out delivered to your doorstep.

I have to admit, microwavable meals are a little suspect to me, because I grew up in the golden age of Lean Cuisine and freezer meals that still haunt me. I can promise that these are not the microwaveable meals of the 90s, my friends. They are fresh, they are delicious, and an added 2020 bonus, they are beautiful. When I opened up the packages, I was shocked by how fresh everything looked! With herbal garnishes that looked picked straight from a garden.

I was able to sample 3 meals including Shrimp and Coconut Rice, Steak Stir Fry and a Veggie Gumbo. I have nothing but positive things to say. They were all delicious and filling. I appreciated the fact that my options were so different so the meals didn’t get boring. I was excited for lunch each day.

I am especially pleased that their entire line of packaging is recyclable or home compostable. There is no plastic here! I have personally avoided using meal prep services in the past because of the waste they can create, so this is a huge win for me. This extra step shows Alchemy’s passion for helping customers live an all-around intentional lifestyle by taking on the burden of sustainability themselves.

The service is actually pretty approachable in my opinion. Full meals are around $10-$15 while snacks and sides are in the $5-7 range. It’s pretty comparable to grabbing something on the go anyway, but it’s delivered straight to you. They make it easy to select meals that fit dietary restrictions and preferences with categories such as carnivore, vegan and gluten-free.

This is pretty much the jackpot of meal planning services if you ask me!

You can check out their offerings for yourself on their website You’ll need to create a free account to see what the options are but aren’t locked into anything. You can follow along on their Instagram @alchemy.mealprep for updates and menu items!

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