Aftermath of Ohio State Fair Tragedy Causes Ride Shut Downs Across The Country

Fairs across the country have shut down the use of the Fire Ball ride after the incident at the Ohio State Fair yesterday.

From California to North Carolina, and places in between, the ride malfunction at the Ohio State Fair that caused one death and several injuries, has been shut down at fairs nationwide.

Some rides were closed when North American Midway announced that they would be closing the attraction.

Others were closed out of caution. At the Orange County Fair in California, the ride was closed almost immediatley for inspection.

“They took a look at it and they determined that the safest thing to do — acting out of an abundance of caution — would be to leave the ride closed overnight and inspect it once the fair is closed,” said Terry Moore, spokeswoman for the OC Fair.

The Fire Ball ride at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was also shut down late Wednesday night, even though it is a permanent ride, not a mobile one like the ride here in Ohio.

According to a report by the Columbus Dispatch, the Illinois Department of Labor suspended all operations for three Fire Ball rides in the state, as well one Extreme ride and eight Freakout rides.

“We are notifying all operators of Fire Ball and other similar rides to suspend operations,” Illinois Department of Labor spokesman Ben Noble said Thursday.

“We’re just taking extra precautions and we want to know the outcome of the investigation in Ohio,” said Noble.

In North Carolina, all Fire Ball rides were also suspended. Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau spokes woman Dolores Quesenberry told the Dispatch that “There is a moratorium on that device in North Carolina pending the outcome of the situation.”

via North Carolina Department of Labor

Here in Columbus, the city is still reeling from the tragedy. The Fair reopened today, although rides were still suspended.

Many people expressed emotions ranging from outrage to heartbreak on Twitter.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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