ACRE Has All The Farm To Table Goodness

Would you think it was weird if I wanted to live at a restaurant?

I’m going to pretend you said no. ACRE has everything you could want in a restaurant, and for me, a home…except for the bed and shower I guess. While the restaurant has been around since 2014 when the Clintonville location opened, I still feel like it’s an under the mainstream radar success. And success it is, as a second location opened in Grandview in early 2017.

It had been awhile since I’d had brunch, and I was craving something Tex-Mex. While their menu is diverse and serves food from many different inspirations, with their local eggs and Shagbark Chips, I knew it was time to revisit an old favorite. One of the best parts of ACRE, for me, is their “local partner” menu. It’s a testament to their farm to table reputation and their support of all things Ohio.

My dining companions and I arrived just between the breakfast and lunch menus, so were able to order from either. And, it was late enough in the day to order booze!  Win win! While scoping out the menu, I ordered a Cafe Brioso Cold Brew with a little milk. It was strong and fresh…there’s a joke in here about “that’s the way I like my men,” right?

As an aside, I think brunch is like, the most perfect time to visit ACRE, at least at the Clintonville location. We had the restaurant nearly to ourselves. It was a drizzly day, so unfortunately their spacious patio wasn’t an option, but you best believe I’ll be adding it into my rotation again come Spring.

As an aspiring plant lady, and an avid reader, the decor is what makes ACRE feel like home material. Live plants adorn the walls and shelves, and they’re in a much healthier state than the sad Spider plants at my house.  I love the cookbooks for inspiration and it makes their menu seem even more legit being backed by some heavyweight cooking legends.

So I know I said we could order either breakfast or lunch, but as any good #basic suburban mom knows, we ordered breakfast. And maybe mimosas, can’t confirm 😉. I had the Breakfast Gringas and they were delicious. I wasn’t expecting the eggs to be cooked soufle style, and it was a pleasant surprise and a nice alternative to rubbery scrambled eggs. The creme sauce was divine and combined with the salsa I was a happy lady.

My girlfriend ordered the Buffalo Wrap (pictured in the header) and raved about the flavor. And the cookies. Of course the cookies. Specifically, the sweet corn cookie. I have dreams about it.  Our tiniest diner indulged in a Mixed Berry Smoothie and it’s rare for him to like much of anything. He loved it. Barely saved me a sip. All of us left (a little too) full and ready to head down the street to Wholly Craft.

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ACRE is located in Clintonville, 2700 N High St, and in Grandview, 1717 Northwest Blvd. You can order online, and check out the menu on their website, HERE. Go for breakfast, stay for lunch, enjoy a drink while you wait for the dinner menu.

See, I told you it was move-in ready.


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