614, What Are You Doing?

I’m often up here ranting about Columbus media, but this, from 614, might be the most incompetent thing I’ve seen to date:

If you’re confused as to what this is about, well, I envy you.

A group of Nazi nitwits “demonstrated” on Sawmill Rd. last weekend. Most of the local hate groups, of which there are many, desire press and attention of any kind, good or bad. This is why they drop flyers, and paste stickers, and march around with guns (open carry!) and white nationalist flags. They know that most people find them disgusting, but when their message is amplified, well. It’s a numbers game. Some people will seek them out, while baby fascists will become emboldened knowing there are other idiots just like them, right here in central Ohio.

It’s staggering that in the year 2019, after watching out and proud racism make a roaring comeback and after watching a president get elected with this dynamic, that a news organization of any sort would think the way to handle something like this is to give the losers a platform.

I’m a big believer in the Maya Angelou quote “When people show you who they are, believe them”, and so I’m forced to consider that 614 might feel sympathetic towards this group to have given them a platform like this. The alternative would be complete incompetence. I’m not sure which to believe, because incompetence at this level is rarer than people think, and it’s an easy out for people who believe things that aren’t societally acceptable.

It’s worth noting that several central Ohio businesses are currently advertising on this 614 article. Monarch Cocktail Lounge, Ohio Basement Authority, and Clean Turn, the three businesses I saw, can’t have expected to see their businesses prominently featured on a page enthusiastically platforming white nationalist hate speech.

614, not all page views are worth chasing, yeah? Maybe consider getting the website up to the standards of your magazine.

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