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5 Reasons The Ohio State Women’s Basketball Team Could Go All The Way

Are you hyped yet? You should totally be hyped. Why, you ask? Because the Ohio State Women’s basketball team is set to tip-off today at 2:30 p.m. in Lexington at Memorial Coliseum, and they are looking good.

The Buckeyes are hoping to make it all the way to Dallas, and here are 5 reasons why they totally could.

They have a great Coach

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Guard Kelsey Mitchell is always ready to bring 100%

They are a great team, and they’ve got the upsets to prove it

via OSU Women’s Basketball Twitter

They could play U Conn again in Dallas and avenge their earlier season loss. Talk about #motivation

Stephanie Mavunga is getting everyone hyped, injured foot and all

And finally, because they have all of Buckeye Nation rooting for them

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