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5 Places to Party Hop for Mardi Gras 2017!

Get ready for some bons temps in the capital city! Its Mardi Gras!

Now look, I know it’s Ohio and probably raining, or snowing, or whatever Ohio weather decides that it wants to do during February, but that shouldn’t stop us from getting a little festive and having an inappropriate amount of drinks for a weekday. In fact, that’s exactly why we’ve put together this little list of spots to party hop to throughout the day. So get your plastic beads, moral ambiguity, and ride-share apps ready, this is gonna be one long day you can’t remember.

Franklinton Arts District

Franklinton Mardi Gras Parade

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I hope you’ve called the day off work like a responsible adult because this parade starts at around noon at Chapel street, right behind the Idea Foundry. Grab some of the co-workers while you’re at it, this might be the only time you get to see Carl from the office in a top hat and feathered mask, which alone should be totally worth it. No worries if you skipped lunch, there should be a food truck sitting around somewhere. So carb up for the march and the ensuing all day drink fest, you’re gonna need it.

Land Grant Brewery

Oops I Dropped the Ball Mardi Gras Party

Come for the costumes, stay for the craft beer, this party encourages everyone to dress up and let loose. With a host of home brews of different stylings and flavors, this brewery is sure to have something for just about everyone. Just make sure Carl doesn’t down too many of the Stiff Arm IPAs while you’re there. The day’s still early and you know how he gets the beer sleepies at around the fourth drink.


Mardi Gras @ Yats

Whats a Mardi Gras without the authentic cajun creole? Take a break for dinner at Yats in Grandview for Red Beans and Sausage or Chili Cheese Étouffée with Crawfish. Just keep an eye on Carl. He’s already had two helpings of the Gumbo and he’s starting to gear up for a third. Let’s maybe get this little guy some water. Maybe a dinner napkin or two. Geez Carl, keep it together.

Dick’s Den

Mardi Gras with the NBBB!

Next, we hop on over to Dick’s Den for the New Basics Brass Band as they lay down some jazz and funk tunes. Don’t be shy, let’s see some of those dance moves, and if you need to re-up on some liquid courage their bar is more than accommodating. Also, who knew Carl could moon walk that well? That’s got to deserve some beads right?

BBR Columbus

Official WNCI Fat Tuesday Party

First off, you’ve lost Carl. Good job. I’m sure you’ll probably hear all about that tomorrow. Hopefully some kind hearted taxi driver was nice enough to shuffle him on home, but for us the party must go on. The dancing and party lights are calling your name at BBR Columbus for their WNCI Fat Tuesday Party. DJs Corrupt and Surge are playing the jams well into the night so straighten that feathered mask, tighten that tie, and get ready to earn those beads, the night’s not over yet!

With a guide like this you’re sure to have an absolute ball and maybe some awesome stories for the next day. If anything you’ll have some embarrassing pictures of Carl to hold over his head until St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not like you told him to reenact the entire dance number to Thriller. Well, you totally did, but he doesn’t remember that and he’ll be none the wiser. Happy Mardi Gras Columbus!

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