2019 Home Design Trends To Look Forward To From A Columbus Expert

Whether you’re just looking for a quick upgrade, or you are hoping to re-do an entire space, diving into the world of home remodeling can be a little mind blowing.


While I generally feel pretty confident when it comes to figuring out stuff for myself, some things really are better left to the professionals. That’s why we enlisted the help of Shari Bates, a home renovation expert from NARI of Central Ohio (The National Association of the Remodeling Industry).

If Shari’s tips inspire you to tackle that project in your house that you’ve been putting off, be sure to stop by the Ohio Home + Remodeling Show this weekend at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. To get 50% off tickets, you can use this link.

Full-tile backsplash feature walls.

Attention-grabbing backsplash tile is nothing new in well-designed kitchens. From light-catching metallic to Mediterranean- inspired, backsplashes are where homeowners can add a touch of personal style and fun design to their kitchens.

But what remodelers are seeing more of is countertop to ceiling tiles, with floating shelves or flanking range hoods to attract and keep the eyes focused on the artistic tile. Some homeowners opt for a color cabinet that compliments or draws out certain colors in the tile, as seen in the photos above.

Kitchens are becoming more open to the rest of the living spaces of the home, making them always on display. Having a brilliant focal piece in your kitchen, such as bold, colorful tile or a mesmerizing pattern of neutral-toned tiles is a cost- effective way to have an awe-inspiring kitchen.

Window walls

With cabinet design allowing for deeper drawers and more creative placement, fewer kitchens cabinets are needed although storage is optimized through walk-in pantries or pantry walls. Homeowners and designers have at least one wall of upper cabinets, freeing up a wall to have expansive windows that bring in an abundance of natural light.

The increase in natural light makes the kitchen more open, making it a free- flowing space for families to gather.

Wood on wood (on wood)

Kitchen, and many other rooms in the home, in 2018 saw a lot of shiplap. The most popular being white or a white-washed grey. Wood adds a natural element to any room, but in 2019, we are seeing a shift in color. While light colored woods are still on trend, warm brown and dark wood are coming to the scene. These colors all add warmth and character to rooms and pair nicely with neutral colors seen in many kitchens such as white and grey.

While wood is popular for flooring and cabinets, homeowners are bringing ceilings to life with wood. Easily contrasted with other natural elements such as brick, wood is an in-home staple here to stay.

The “required” islands

Darker colors are being seen in 2019 in the marble countertops selected by homeowners and designers. From slate to emerald and even deep blues, 2019 kitchens are contrasting stark white cabinetry with dark islands and countertops, or vise-versa as see in the photo below.

A new take on horizontal backsplashes

As discussed earlier, backsplashes are being used as statement artwork in kitchens. While the white subway tile backsplash is here to stay, homeowners are featuring neutral-toned tile or natural elements such as brick in a new way. Switching up the pattern or material used creates eye-catching contrast while maintaining continuity in design flow.

Laying large-format tiles in chevron, herringbone or a stacked pattern gives the traditional horizontal layout a new look.

Rooms that open to the outdoors

Opening the home to let the outdoors in is a task remodelers face in new remodeling projects. Larger sliding doors and windows help create the feel of blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors.

With the addition of larger and/or more windows allow for the inside space to feel light, airy and more expansive. With the seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living, this creates opportunity for homes to have outdoor entertaining areas.

Destination bathtubs

When remodeling a bathroom, a hot topic has been whether or not to keep a bathtub. Many homeowners don’t see value in the bathtub taking space. But those who enjoy taking baths make it prominent that a freestanding bathtub is a requirement in completing their spa-like environment.

Having a freestanding tub is a destination. People who enjoy taking baths see freestanding tubs as a luxury and an event for “me time.”

Color – dark and moody

Although natural light to brighten spaces is a forceful trend, contrasting with dark and moody design such as paint, furniture selection, etc. is on the rise. Playing with contrasting light and color can bring a desired ambiance to a room.

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