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There’s a goat that’s been seen munching on grass on the side of the road, and no one knows who he belongs to or where he came from.

According to Redditor BNLboy, the goat can be found on State Route 33 near West Case Road in the early morning. Someone made this handy map for perspective.

The goat doesn’t seem to do much. He just eats the grass and minds his own business. But people are worried that he’s going to step out into traffic and get hurt. According to one Reddit user, the neighborhood’s Facebook Group has fallen in love with this goat and really want to see it get a good home.

And it looks like that just might happen.

“We’re certainly aware and would love to help,” said Mary Hiser, Communications Manager at theΒ Capital Area Humane Society. The CAHS has made several attempts to rescue the farm animal today, but it’s not coming easily.

According to Hiser, the goat is not very hungry since it’s had plenty of grass to eat. Normally when rescuing an animal, the Humane Society can win over its trust with treats and food. This goat has a belly full of grass and is clearly not having anything to do with the rescuers. It is friendly enough that you can get close enough to take a picture, but don’t let people much closer than that.

“It’s probably going to take a coordinated effort,” she went on to say. They would have investigated the goat situation further, but the downpour forced them to call it quits for the day.

Between this goat and the bonobo loose in Dublin, the Capital Area Humane Society has been running all over the place to find these critters.

If you see this goat or a black ape, reach the CAHS by calling 614-777-7387.

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