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Columbus Receives Failing Grade In Air Quality Test

The American Lung Association rated the air quality in Ohio counties recently. In its 2017 “State of the Air Report”, Franklin County itself received an “A” in Particle Pollution but an “F” in High Ozone Days, despite the fact that the central Ohio area had the fewest amount of High Ozone and Pollution Particle Days in the report’s history.

The High Ozone report takes into consideration smog and other toxic air pollutants while “Particle Pollution” tests the air for dirt, dust, and other unnoticeable objects that people unknowingly breathe in from the air.

Most of Ohio saw steady improvement in its breathability but it’s still under the levels of what is considered to be healthy, especially in more urban areas.

This marks the 18th year that the American Lung Association has measured air quality to compile this report. Both types of air pollution, left unchecked, can lead to a variety of health problems including asthma and lung cancer. For a complete list of Ohio’s 2017 State of Air listed by county, click here.

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